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New and Improved FGA Service CentreA flue gas analyser (commonly known as an FGA) is a vital tool for today’s RGII Registered heating engineer, and we are only too aware that with recent changes to the use of flue gas analysers becoming mandatory, then the importance of having the use of a calibrated FGA has never been greater.

Because of this we’ve significantly invested in our FGA service department to provide all our customers with a faster, more efficient and simple way to get their instruments calibrated and serviced. In addition to these improvements we’ve also been able to make the cost of servicing and calibrating your Anton FGA clearer and more cost effective over the life of the instrument.

We’ve changed the way we charge for calibration and servicing of our flue gas analysers:

Until recently we’ve quoted for the work that the instrument requires and have had to gain customer approval on the work to be done, which is often the biggest cause for delay in returning the instrument back to the person who needs it most – You! The investment in and expansion of our modern service department has meant we’ve been able to dramatically improve the turnaround times on our servicing; and now our new fixed price annual service costs means most instruments will be serviced and returned promptly without the need for quotations/approvals.

Effective from May 2015 the popular Anton V range* and Anton eVo range flue gas analysers will be subject to a fixed annual service cost of €138.00 + VAT per annum:

This applies to all Anton V range* and Anton eVo range analysers regardless of age.

This annual €138.00 + VAT includes the cost of the service and calibration itself, the cost of either the O2 and/or CO sensors required and of course a new calibration certificate, but excludes carriage currently €12.00 + VAT per shipment.

This new simple pricing concept has many advantages: You know exactly what it will cost you to service and maintain each year, it reduces the time you are without your FGA each year, and by servicing your instrument regularly you ensure it is compliant and fit for purpose; and also ensures your instrument retains its full 5 year warranty: No unexpected big bills due to either of the sensors needing replacing – You pay €138.00 + VAT + carriage and we service and calibrate it and return it to you.

As Anton’s Irish agent, we are often asked why the analysers need an annual calibration? Here’s the reason why:

Your FGA is used to set up various appliances in your customer’s homes and work places. If these appliances are not set up correctly they will not be operating at their most fuel efficient, or worse still they could be producing high concentrations of potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas.

The annual calibration of your FGA ensures that the tool you use to do this important safety critical job is as accurate as possible, so that the appliances you install and service are left running efficiently and safely.

The British Standards BS7967 and BS EN:50379 call for your flue gas analyser to be in calibration when used, the HHIC state in their guidance on using an FGA for the commissioning of newly installed appliances that this work should only be done with an analyser with an up to date calibration status.

Ask your Gas Safe Register Inspector if it’s okay to use an FGA outside of calibration and guess what he or she will tell you?! In short you should not be using an FGA without an in-date calibration certificate.

If caught you may need to revisit all your jobs where you’ve used it outside its’ calibration date; your RGII registration may be at risk (Inspectors will expect you to be able to demonstrate you’re using an in date calibrated instrument), or worse than all of that should an out of date flue gas analyser be found to have been used on an appliance that is the subject of an incident investigation, then the penalties and consequences could be far more serious.

To repeat, annual service and calibration is mandatory and vital to the safe operation of the FGA and under no circumstances is it worth the risk of using one outside of its calibration date: To help safeguard you from all the above risk, Anton’s policy is for all our analysers to prevent use of the safety critical FGA functions once the calibration due date has passed, i.e. you won’t be able to use the FGA functions of the analyser once the calibration due date has expired.

The instrument gives you a warning message on the start-up screen when it’s within 1 month of its calibration due date, and the calibration due date is on the calibration label on the instrument and printed on every report you create, so you get plenty of warning to assist with making arrangements to get it serviced and calibrated.

How do you go about servicing your Sprint V / eVo?

You can complete our Service Request Form filling in your contact details and any additional information you think we may need to know about your particular instrument. Sprint Mobile users (our free Android based app) can use the service request form contained within the Sprint Mobile app. You can then return the form and the analyser to our Watford office address, or drop it in at your local merchant or one of Anton’s Approved Sprint Service Centres if you prefer.

The new fixed annual fee of €138.00 + VAT covers servicing, calibration and sensors if required on your Sprint V* or Sprint eVo FGA; however in the case of misuse or damage of the FGA or fair wear and tear on the accessories, then this may be charged as extra over the cost of service and calibration: We would always contact you to advise if any additional costs were applicable due to misuse, damage or fair wear and tear before proceeding with any repair/service work.

Any instrument that is serviced annually by either Anton or one of Anton’s Approved Service Centres is covered by a 5 year warranty. Many customers choose to upgrade to a new model when the warranty runs out at the end of the 5th year to ensure they always have an instrument with a current warranty; this would mean their instrument would require 4 annual services at €138.00 + VAT during its 5 year warranty period.

Of course many other customers choose to continue calibrating and servicing their instrument beyond the warranty period; in these cases the 5th year service would be €138.00 + VAT but at the end of the 6th year it is usual for both the O2 & CO sensors to be replaced, so for this service only the charge would be €276.00 + VAT but would revert back to the €138.00 + VAT for the next 5 services. Therefore the servicing schedule looks like this:

New Instrument: Provided with a new calibration certificate.
Year 1 €138.00 + VAT
Year 2 €138.00 + VAT
Year 3 €138.00 + VAT
Year 4 €138.00 + VAT
Year 5 €138.00 + VAT (now out of warranty)
Year 6 €276.00 + VAT
Year 7 €138.00 + VAT
Year 8 €138.00 + VAT
Year 9 €138.00 + VAT
Year 10 €138.00 + VAT
Year 11 €138.00 + VAT

Please be aware that we can no longer support the Sprint 1000 and the Sprint 2000XT ranges as the spares are now obsolete; and would therefore recommend replacing the unit with a new Sprint eVo range model. We would be happy to advise which model may best suit your needs and we can also offer a loyalty discount as an existing Anton customer. Please fill in this form and we’ll get in touch.

We feel this change to fixed price annual servicing is a really positive step to help support our customers, to give you great value when servicing you Anton Sprint V or eVo analyser, peace of mind and transparency regarding the ongoing maintenance costs, as well as improving the turnaround time to get the instruments back to you, the person who needs it most.

What do I need to send back for calibration service?

The minimum we need to receive for service and calibration is the analyser itself; but if you think you are having any problems with readings or charging etc. then you can return your probe, charger and/or other accessories and these will be checked during the service of your instrument: It’s the same price to service whether we receive just the analyser or the accessories too, so there are benefits to sending the whole kit, but we appreciate that it’s a bigger parcel so it’s ultimately down to you what you decide to send us.

The most common fault with an analyser is caused by blocked or damaged flue probes, so if we calibrate the analyser only with our brand new flue probe then you may well still have a problem when it’s returned as the fault is with the probe that we haven’t seen: We would highly recommend you follow the Duty of Care policy found here paying particular attention to the probe tests. If your probe fails any aspect of those tests, then please return it with the instrument.

For more information on anything relating to service/calibration then please call the H.E.S Service Department on 061 57 60 41 or Email

*Sprint V4 and Sprint V5 instruments (i.e. units with an additional NO (nitrogen monoxide) sensor) will still be quoted on a case by case basis in the traditional way, and do not qualify for the fixed price annual servicing concept.

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